Agency: ViTRO
Role: Sr. Art Director

Agency: Warnaco Group (In-House)
Roles: Creative & Design Director

ASICS was launching a new line of ultra-lightweight shoes into market called the 33 Collection by ASICS. Where our competitors were marketing their equivalent product in traditional and tired ways we took a fresh approach in conveying the product and its benefits.

To do this we partnered with an aerospace engineer to create a 72 square-foot shoe made up entirely of ping pong balls. The experiment included 3,000 ping pong balls, two industrial air compressors, 24 air valves, and nearly 800 separate guidelines to create the shoe. When the ping pong balls hovered above the ground they created a silhouette of the shoe highlighting the lightweight shoe's positioning.

Speedo is one of the world's top-selling swimwear brands with a heritage deeply rooted in competitive swimming. Known for its innovation, athletes wearing Speedo's swimwear have won more Olympic gold medals than any other brand.

The product was right but throughout the years the brand's image had been neglected and had become uninspiring. Our in-house team was tasked with revitalizing the brand and all of its touchpoints.

We pivoted the brand's imagery to be bold, iconic and memorable showcasing elite athletes doing what they do best in their natural environments. We also designed a new trade show booth that was a true reflection of the revitalized brand. The new booth was well-received by buyers and was also recognized by Graphis in their Design Annual.

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